Fresh Tracks Playbook

SIA is committed to an inclusive winter outdoor community. We can and are committed to doing better.

Building an inclusive winter industry is not just a moral imperative, it's a business imperative. The future growth of our businesses and our industry depends on creating an inclusive winter community, where new-comers and the core alike feel welcome, acknowledged, and appreciated. SIA is committed to charting a path for positive industry change that includes frank conversations, member education, leadership and business tools, and industry-wide collaborations.

The Fresh Tracks Playbook

SIA is proud to offer The Fresh Tracks Playbook, an inclusive leadership training guide for industry leaders on their journey to a more inclusive winter outdoor community.

  • The Fresh Tracks Playbook provides industry leaders with critical skills that serve as an essential stepping-stone toward more inclusive business practices within the winter outdoor community
  • Focused on Inclusive Leadership, the Playbook will empower professionals at all levels to take action to create welcoming spaces for a diversity of people