SIA Membership Agreement

SIA membership is open to entities interested in enhancing the well-being of the Snowsports Industry. SIA operates on a June 1 to May 31 membership year. However, SIA membership and all associated rights and benefits, shall commence upon the receipt of your annual dues and expires May 31. Dues are based on level of membership and/or size of member’s business as determined by gross revenue. Dues are non-refundable and are not prorated regardless of the timing when dues are received. As an SIA member, you shall have full access to the member benefits associated with the level of membership paid unless or until your membership is upgraded, terminated or expires as per the date above. Benefits may change from time to time and the cancellation or change of a member benefit does not trigger any refund.

In joining SIA, member consents to receiving communications from SIA as listed below. Our communications include marketing materials related to SIA events, membership information, industry news, products and services and other similar communications from time to time for the purpose of: (i) sharing our information with you; or (ii) developing and/or managing our relationship with you.

Your consent includes receiving any/all communications in any manner intended for you and any of your current or future employees and representatives acting on behalf of your company. Individuals may opt out of certain communications via SIA’s E-Mail Preference Center. Further, members consent to receive communications from other SIA members, partner entities and/or third parties. This consent includes employees in the United States, Canada or outside of North America.

SIA shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate membership for (i) failure to pay dues, (ii) failing to support the purposes of SIA, (iii) failure to promote high ethical and business standards of conduct, and/or (iv) failure to avoid any conduct that could be considered to be violative of federal anti-trust laws. Should SIA cancel a membership at its sole discretion, SIA shall refund any fees at a prorated rate based upon the termination date of this agreement.

You may terminate this agreement at any time, however SIA shall not be responsible for a refund of any fees and/or charges paid by the member prior to termination of your membership.