Compliance Alliance Monthly Webinar: Apr 11, 2024: PFAS Deep Dive

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Compliance Alliance Monthly Webinar: Mar 14, 2023 Salomon Lifecycle Analysis Case Study.

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Summit Series Presentation: Communicating Climate and Sustainability to Consumers

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Compliance Alliance Monthly Webinar: Feb 8, “Introducing The Global Climate Pact”

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Register for the Monthly Compliance Alliance Call/Webinar

Stay updated or learn more about compliance requirements that affect the winter outdoor industry. These monthly calls keep you informed in a workshop format. Come ready with questions to be fielded by experts on the topic.

Compliance Alliance Monthly Webinar: Dec 5, 2023 EU Sustainability Regulations

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REI’s Product Impact Standards Workshop 

REI’s Product Impact Standards and Assessment Workshop

Join REI as they host a workshop for brands interested in learning more about their Product Impact Standards and Product Impact Assessment. 

The workshop will focus on the following topics: 

When: Wednesday April 19th 10:30 -11:30 am PT

Where: Register here

Who should attend? We encourage any brand who is curious to learn more about the changes made in version 3.0 of the Product Impact Standards to attend. This workshop will be beneficial for brands wanting to understand more about the Product Impact Assessment and how REI uses the results of the assessment to make merchandising decisions. 

What you will learn:

Brands will leave the workshop knowing exactly what changes were made to the Product Impact Standards along with the implementation deadlines. Attendees will receive tangible tips for filling out the annual Product Impact Assessment. In addition, REI will offer guidance on how brands of all sizes can align with their standards. Several REI brand partners will speak about their journey of implementing more sustainable business practices as well as their efforts to increase diversity and inclusion. 

How Outdoor Industries Are Innovating In, and Talking About, Sustainability

In this snapshot of the outdoor industry from Compose[d], a digital strategy and creative services agency, brands and industry experts discuss the goals, strategies, innovations, and communications of sustainability. While many companies are finding creative ways to lessen their impact on the world, figuring out how to communicate the successes and failures of these efforts can pose an even greater challenge. Despite this, there is success to be had in spreading transparent and impactful sustainability messages to consumers and the industry at large.

Climate Restoration: An Important Piece of the Climate Solutions Puzzle

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions in the Winter Outdoor Industry

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