Share Winter

Growing participation is a sure-fire way to grow the business.

SIA is unwavering in its efforts to welcome more people into the winter outdoors. Whether it’s the 45,000 kids that participated in ski/snowboard/nordic through our support of the Share Winter Foundation, attracting new winter enthusiasts to Snowbound Expo by creating a welcoming and inclusive experience, or reporting on the trends, habits and demographics of winter enthusiasts so our member companies can better respond to the needs of participants, now more than ever we need to work together as a community to encourage, enable, and welcome greater participation in the winter outdoors.

Growing winter sports has never been more crucial, and Share Winter is focused on addressing the issue at its core.

Our goal is to help the Share Winter Foundation increase and sustain the number of new winter outdoor sports participants by 100,000+ by 2028. Access to proper gear is a major barrier to snowsports participation. To address this issue, we’re inviting any manufacturer to donate to Share Winter to support deserving grassroots programs and young first-time winter outdoor enthusiasts as needed.

Learn more about Share Winter and how you can become a partner here.