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Knowledge is the backbone of every good leader, and processing the latest information is central to a successful business.

SIA’s Industry + Intelligence is a year-round, educational platform that provides SIA members with strategic tools and information to support and grow their business. SIA members get special access to town halls, webinars, workshops and video libraries, across B2B and B2C business technologies, consumer loyalty, e-commerce, inclusion, sales, sustainable recovery, data and research, climate and tariff advocacy, and more – all aimed at helping your business thrive.

We also offer free, self-paced inclusion training from Dr. Gerilyn Davis, Inclusion on the Slopes. We not only have a moral obligation to build a more welcoming and inclusive industry, we have a business imperative as well. Change needs to start now, and this will take all of our collective effort and an abundant mindset to create this shift. 

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SIA’s Industry + Intelligence At Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

Each January, SIA hosts Industry + Intelligence events at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. It’s filled with business acumen and industry insights that will help your business thrive. Industry + Intelligence brings relevant and practical information to life for anyone looking to learn more about how to grow their business in this continually evolving marketplace.

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